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What You Should Do After An Auto Accident

  1. Assessed the situation

  2. Exchanged information (law enforcement will assist you with this) 

  3. Don’t admit fault (speak to an attorney about this)

  4. Documented everything

  5. Got witnesses (keep their information)

  6. Called your insurance company

After the auto accident follow these steps:

1. Take Your Car To A Collision Shop Of YOUR Choice

After your auto accident your insurance company will recommend a repair shop (this is called steering and it’s illegal) but YOU have the right to select the repair facility of YOUR choice for the repairs to YOUR vehicle.  



Once you decide the collision repair shop you want, if your car is drivable, take your car to that auto body and paint shop or have it towed to us, we will pay for the cost of towing.  They will write up an estimate of repairs.

The auto body shop will need the following:

  • Your information

  • Your car insurance information

  • Claim number

  • Adjuster’s name and # (if you have it)

2. Tell Your Car Insurance Company What Auto Body Shop Your Vehicle Is At

Give the insurance company all the information of the auto body and paint shop your car is at and will get its work done.

  1. The insurance company will be in direct contact with the body shop to go over their specific procedures and to approved the necessary repairs for your vehicle. 

  2. The insurance company will deal with your collision shop to repair your vehicle.

The insurance company and the repair shop will keep you posted on the status of your vehicle.

3. Pick Up Your Car At The Auto Body And Paint Shop

Once your car is back to its pre auto accident state the auto shop will call you to pick it up. Before you can take your car, the collision shop will need:

  • Your deductible* (if you have one)

  • Insurance payment check (most of the times the insurance will send it directly to us).

We hope this checklist helps you out.

If you have any questions give your insurance company a call or call us.



Here on our shop’s website you should be able to find the answers to your questions.  We tried to cover the most important and most basic information.  You will find links on the right hand side of this and many pages with several topics, click on any link for more information.  Below you will find the most common asked questions.

What should I do after an accident?

After an auto accident, first make sure you and your passengers are safe.  After you have determined your condition and those within your car, everyone should remain calm.  Why is it important to remain calm after a collision?  A calm state of mind will render the best results, for you and all parties involved.  Calmness will help you focus, gather all the information needed, provide care for those who need it, and get your car fixed.


How can I get a repair estimate?

Estimates at our body shop are free.  You can come anytime the shop is open or call for an appointment.  Make an appointments only if you need to come before or after business hours.  We know many people like to email, text or call to request an estimate but it is best for you to bring in your car in person to asses the damage correctly.  

I want to take my car to your body shop but my insurance company wants me to take my car to a body shop  they recommend.    
What can I do?

You are free to do whatever you decide.  And that’s the law.  Remember, you pay your insurance company to do a job for you, not the other way around.  Your insurance company is not doing you any favors, it’s their job; in other words, you call the shots.  You are free to look around, get recommendations, and read reviews from various body shops.  You pick where you want your car to get fixed.  

Does your body shop only work on vehicle collisions and auto insurance claims?

No.  We work on various automotive projects.   A big chunk of our work is car collision repairs and insurance claims, but we do more than that.  Our shop has worked on award winning muscle cars and classic car restorations.  We do custom paint work for complete color changeracing stripes and custom color on wheel rims.  The cars we work on range from domestic, foreign, classic, luxury, electric to exotic.

Is your auto body repair shop  expensive? 

We are fair priced.  We are not cheap, nor do we take advantage of our clients.  Our shop runs on quality, honesty, professionalism, and fairness.  The products, parts, and paint we use are of quality grade.  We don’t cut corners or do mickey mouse work because our reputation is on the line, and most importantly- your satisfaction.  Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews and see what our clients have to say.

Do you have before and after pictures?

Yes.  We have plenty of before and after pictures all over our website.  The body shop’s blog highlights many of our collision repairs, classic car restorations, muscle car restorations, custom paint work, and various auto body and paint work.  You will notice that the pictures are untouched and originals.  Many have the date and time stamped on it so you know they are real.

How long will it take to repair my car?

That’s a good question.  The answer depends in several factors which we will discuss in detail.  We make every effort to return your car as soon as possible and on the time we promise but most of the time the timeline is out of our hands.  Let me explain.

Was you car involved in a collision?

DEVIOUS DESIGNS  can help you get your car back on the road.  Our collision repair center can help give you an honest estimate and work with  your insurance company every step of the way. 


Give us a call 702-871-3887, come by the shop during business hours at 3320 W Post Rd Las Vegas NV 89118, or email us at