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A clean paint job is a must as well. We can do anything from mild to wild. Whether it's a Candy Paint Job, Flames, Graphics, or just a deep shine, we can make your dreams a reality. Get an OEM paint job the OEM way. We only use the highest quality of primers, base and clears.

Auto Paint and Custom Colors for Cars and Rims

We work on a variety of auto paint jobs including custom colors.  We have done complete auto paint color change, matte colors, racing stripes, and rims.  If you want to do something unique to your vehicle, we are here to help.

Auto Paint Services Available


Auto Paint Process

Color Assessment and Free Estimate

If you want a unique color for your car, you will first need to bring in your vehicle.  At the paint shop we will discuss your color vision and how we will make it a reality.  We have plenty of experience painting stripes, applying decals, and custom paint.  We use high quality paint from trusted vendors.

If the body of your car has any damage and we need to do body work, we’ll accurately assess the damage of your car and then provide you with a free estimate.

Repair and Preparation

Car Body

After we assess the damage, if any, we immediately begin the auto body repair process.  In this stage we remove all your car’s parts which require repair or replacement.  We will also work on repairing your auto’s body, apply bondo and sanding it.  After your car’s body is ready, we will tape and mask it.

Auto Paint and Polish

Once your car is ready for paint we will paint and polish your vehicle in the color of your choice.  Your vehicle is then polished and if necessary prepared for reassembly.

Vehicle Reassembly

Your vehicle is painted.  What is left to do is reassemble any part of your car that was removed.  Once assembled, it enters a final quality control check.

Clean Car and Detail

Before you can pick up your car we will complete a wash and polish.  This step ensures your vehicle looks good and will help us check for any mistakes in the repairs and fix them.

Final Auto Paint Inspection and Ready for Pick Up

Lastly, once your car’s paint is complete, we will contact you.  When you come to our shop you can give your car a final inspection and finish any paperwork.