In A Wreck? Got A Check? Call Us.

I am sure you have all heard those Glen Lerner commercials where he repeats “In a wreck, need a check” over and over.  Well Glen’s job is to get you that check after your car gets messed up, but its our job to actually fix your car and get it back to the way it was before you were “in a wreck.”  Your lawyer might be able to get you the money you deserve, but it is going to take a great body shop to get your car back to looking great.  That’s where we come in.

A lot of people don’t know who to call when they need collision damage on their car. We could probably quote Glen Lerner’s other commercial here and say “one call, that’s all” to let you know that in addition to being a custom paint shop that can knock out killer work on your motorcycle or car, we are also one of the best collision repair shops in Las Vegas, working with all insurance companies to put your car back to exactly the factory specs before the wreck.

So what do you do if you were in a wreck and need your car fixed? First off, you are going to start looking for a body shop to fix your car.  The insurance company is going to give you a list of shops in the area “that they work with.” What that means is that these shops give them discounted rates in exchange for sending customers to them.  It does not mean they are the best and it does not mean that you have to take your car to them.  One of the common misconceptions about insurance repairs is that you have to take your car to a shop that the insurance company “approves.”  Actually, it is your legal right to take your car to any shop that is licensed to do body work in Las Vegas, and who is willing to work with insurance claims.  We are a licensed body shop in Las Vegas, and we work with insurance companies all the time….so call us.

Another misconception is that just because we do high end custom paint and bodywork that we don’t do the regular accident repair work.  Nothing is further from the truth! Devious Designs will use the same attention to detail on your collision repair as we do on a three-hundred thousand dollar Ferrari getting painted for a car show.  Our timeframes to complete your work are the same as you will find at any regular body shop, and our ability to repair your car to get it back to stock is the same as any shop as well….we just have better artists working here so you are going to get better work.

Are the repairs guaranteed like in other “regular” collision repair shops? Yes, of course they are.  You will be completely satisfied and your car is going to look exactly like it did before the wreck, and probably even better! Give us a call for your insurance collision repair work today.

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