We Are A Licensed Collision Repair Shop In Las Vegas

A lot of people do not know how to find a good collision repair shop in Las Vegas when they have been involved in an accident.  The first thing that they do is begin to call the shops that are suggested by their insurance company, or maybe the dealership where they bought the car.  Here is a little inside information for you, most dealerships do not do collision repair, paint and bodywork in their shops, and instead they outsource it to shops that specialize in collision repair, shops like Devious Designs! Additionally, your insurance company is not necessarily suggesting the best shops in Las Vegas to get the work done, they are sending you to shops who give them special discounts so that they do not have to pay as much.  When you are involved in an insurance claim, you do not have to use the shops that are suggested by your insurance company, but they want you to believe that you do.

A shop that specializes in high end custom paint and bodywork is probably going to be better at paint and bodywork than a shop that provides the cheapest prices, and because most insurance companies would rather you get the work done cheaper they are not going to give you our number.  However, you should remember that Devious Designs is a licensed repair and paint shop, and we can complete your insurance and collision work just like they can.  What a lot of people also don’t realize is that in many cases our prices are just as competitive as theirs are.  So why wouldn’t you choose a collision and autobody shop that has been trusted to work customizing three-hundred thousand dollar cars to do the work on your car? We are better than they are, and we work with your insurance company to provide the repairs you need without any out of pocket expenses to you as possible.

When you are involved in a car accident in Las Vegas and are looking for a shop to complete your collision repair or paint work through your insurance company, contact us first to give you a free estimate.  We may be known for doing work that wins custom car shows, but we are happy to give your car the same level of treatment just getting it back to the way it rolled out of the factory!

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